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Every capsule and tablet begins with an idea. It takes a professional and innovative manufacturing partner to turn that idea into a reality. Enter Natoli, a name synonymous with excellence in pharmaceutical equipment and services. From the early stages of formulation to the grand scale of full-blown production, Natoli offers a seamless journey through every step of the process. Whether you’re unsure of how to start or how to finish, Natoli can guide the way.  


Natoli Scientific: Where Formulation Begins 

The journey begins at Natoli Scientific, the cradle of innovation; this is where ideas transform into formulations. Here, blending, granulation, milling, and tableting are orchestrated with finesse and expertise. Our state-of-the-art equipment, including V-blenders, high shear granulators, fluid bed granulators, and more, empowers scientists to craft pharmaceutical marvels with precision and consistency. At Natoli Scientific, we pride ourselves on our comprehensive suite of equipment designed to streamline the formulation process. Our V-blenders ensure homogeneous mixing of powders, crucial for uniform distribution of active ingredients. High shear granulators transform powders into granules with remarkable efficiency, while our fluid bed granulators facilitate precise control over granule size and density. Additionally, our range of milling machines allows for particle size reduction to meet specific formulation requirements. With Natoli Scientific, researchers have the tools they need to bring their formulations to life with unparalleled precision; watch as your idea becomes something tangible, something that meets industry standards… Something new and innovative. 


R&D Excellence with NCF-45 Encapsulator and RD Series Tablet Presses 

As the formulation takes shape, it’s time to delve into research and development, a realm where Natoli shines brightly. Meet the NCF-45 Encapsulator and the RD Series Tablet Presses – the quintessential tools for R&D excellence. The NCF-45, with its PLC-controlled precision and versatility, ensures accurate encapsulation at high production rates, adhering to stringent regulatory standards like GMP and cGMP. The NCF- 45 specializes in high production and smooth operation, and can reduce product loss. Count on consistent capsule filling and weight control—every time. Also expect the NCF-45 to last awhile, because its precise construction lends itself to a stable and long-lasting operation. It’s easy to clean and maintain, and even comes with a touch screen display. It’s a capsuling machine that does it all.  

Meanwhile, the RD Series Tablet Presses, including the RD10A and RD30, elevate tablet compression to an art form. With features like Allen-Bradley PLC controls, off-the-shelf electronics, and Natoli AIM™ Pro software, these presses epitomize efficiency, reliability, and data-driven decision-making. Whether it’s single-layer or bi-layer tablets, precise control of tablet parameters is guaranteed, paving the way for flawless formulation development.  

The RD10A is the ideal research and development machine for pharmaceutical companies. It’s made for scientists, by scientists, and crafted to meet the rigorous demands of modern pharmaceutical research. Pair it with the revolutionary Natoli AIM™ Pro Software, which is designed to store formulation and tooling data as well as the compaction data collected during tableting; it delivers everything needed for USP <1062> and delivers a CSV file that can be used to generate insightful reports and graphs. Take independent control of both tablet density and weight to help meet precise study requirements, and press the perfect tablet with the RD10A.  

If you’re searching for a tablet press that seamlessly transitions from research and development to full-scale production, look no further than the Natoli RD30. This powerhouse machine is designed to take you on a journey from the laboratory bench to commercial production lines, offering unparalleled functionality and versatility along the way. Whether it’s running small clinical batches or working with a new product, the RD30 provides the functionality of a production press with the analytics of an R&D press. Confidently scale up formulations without sacrificing the detailed data and insights crucial for successful development. The RD30 will test a formulation’s flowability while gathering critical USP <1062> data because it comes equipped with the Natoli AIM™ Pro Software. The RD30 isn’t just a tablet press; it’s a comprehensive solution for pharmaceutical companies looking to streamline their manufacturing processes.  


Scaling Up with Natoli: Turning Dreams into Reality 

With formulation perfected and R&D milestones achieved, the stage is set for full-scale production. Natoli stands as the beacon of reliability, offering a plethora of commercial-grade equipment and services tailored to every need. Our tablet presses and encapsuling tools are the epitome of scalability and performance. Combined with Natoli Scientific’s expertise in formulation services, including blending, granulation, and tableting, we transform formulations into market-ready pharmaceuticals seamlessly. With Natoli by your side, embark on a journey where excellence meets innovation, and every formulation dream becomes a tangible reality. 



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