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Product Scale Tablet Manufacturing Capabilities

Natoli Scientific manufacturing suite can help to manufacturing commercial batches of your formulation till you are ready with your own manufacturing suite.

We can integrate process optimization and scale-up technology transfer for actual commercial manufacturing.

We will partner with you for manufacturing your product at commercial scale as efficiently as possible.

Our blending capacity can handle 2000 kg of materials per day. Our tableting output is about 1 million tablets per day.

We are here to accelerate your journey from your idea to commercial. We don’t want you should wait for commercialization of your product till you are ready with your full-scale manufacturing suite. We are here to save your lag time in commercial launching of your product. We are armed with commercial size blender, dry granulator, and tablet press.

  • Blending:
    • V-blender (20 ft3)
  • Dry Granulation:
    • Roller compactor (Vector)
  • Tableting:
    • Natoli NP-400 (22-stations)
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Call us +1 636-926-8900