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Tablet Manufacturing Capabilities

Natoli scientific offers manufacturing services of oral solids at pilot scale and drug products for clinical trials.

We also offer full scale commercial manufacturing service till you are ready with your own manufacturing facility to avoid delay in the commercial launch.

Team Natoli understand the complexity of tablet manufacturing process over more than half a century. We are ready to shoulder every step of the tablet manufacturing chain from blending to granulation, to milling, to compression, to coating. Our manufacturing capabilities are backed up with our expert scientific team, who are ready to offer guidance in the product development, technical transfers, and scale-ups.

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We offer to integrate ‘material sparing approach’ and principles of ‘Quality by Design (QbD)’ to build a quality in the product. We keep you up to date with the current market needs and regulatory requirements.

Natoli Scientific is your reliable manufacturing partner for every production step of your product for a smooth sailing of your product from the lab-scale – to the pilot scale -to clinical trials-to commercial production.

Lab-Scale Manufacturing Capabilities:

  • Blending:
    • V-blender (2-quart, 4-quart, 1 cu.ft., 5 cu.ft.)
  • Wet Granulation:
    • High shear granulator (Manufacturer: Diosna, Model: P 1-6)
    • Low shear granulator
    • Fluid bed granulator
      (Manufacturer: Diosna, Model: Minilab RC)
  • Dry Granulation:
    • Roller compactor (Vector)
  • Spray-Dryer:
    • Buchi
  • Milling:
    • (Manufacturer: Frewitt)
    • Oscillation mill (Model: Oscillowitt-Lab)
    • Hammer mill (Model: Hammerwitt-Lab)
    • Co-mill (Model: Coniwitt-Lab)
  • Tablet Manufacturing:
    • Natoli NP-RD 30 (4-station; B and D-tooling) with AIM Data Acquisition System
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Start-Up Manufacturing Capabilities:
  • Blending:
    • V-blender (20 ft)
  • Dry Granulation:
    • Roller compactor (Vector)
  • Tableting:
    • Natoli NP-400 (22-stations)
    • MarkIIa 37 Station Double-Sided
Tablets and Pills on a Molecule Diagram
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Call us +1 636-926-8900